Perth is a vibrant city all year round, but when spring makes a welcome arrival it brings a wealth of festivals with it, making it an even more exciting city to call home!

Bust-a-Move’s two party buses – we have a red and a blue party bus for you to select from – have become a regular sight at festivals in Perth and the Swan Valley as we frequently escort revellers to festivals around the city and surrounding areas.
While we welcome the opportunity to assist you and your mates in getting the party started before you arrive at your destination, as many other people have the same idea in mind we tend to get booked up quickly – so book early to avoid missing out!

Festivals in Perth – Spring 2015
Kicking off around September 21, spring is a delightful time of year in Perth, with the weather sunny, but not scorching hot like our often inhospitable summers can be.

With the weather at its loveliest, the flowers and vines in bloom and everyone in the mood for fun and festivities, Perth is the place to be in spring. And while there aren’t any shortage of events to attend, bus hire for events tends to be in short supply.

This means that spring revellers had better decide on the events they’ll attend and book a party bus before everyone else gets around to doing likewise. To help you get started, here are two of the most notable events held around Perth this spring.

Spring Events in the Valley 2015
Not just one event but many spread out over the months of September, October and November, this year sees around 38 wineries and local businesses participating in the festivities. From wedding opening days to Melbourne Cup events and even Neil Diamond performing under the stars, the Swan Valley is the place to be this spring.

Arranging bus hire for events like these with Bust-a-Move is a great idea for large groups attending an exciting event in the Swan Valley. However, you’ll have to book quickly to avoid the disappointment of finding out we’re fully booked on that day.

Fans of German beer, food and culture have two great events to attend this year –Oktoberfest 2015 at Elmar’s in the (Swan) Valley and Oktoberfest in the Gardens, which is held at Langley Park in the Perth CBD. Fortunately, there’s only one day on which these two events clash, so everyone can attend both!
Both events are held on Saturday, 10th October, but Oktoberfest 2015 at Elmar’s is also held later in the month on the 24th and 25th. For those with kids, please note that all days with the exception of the family-friendly day (Sunday, 25th) are 18+ only.

With such great festivals in Perth this spring, party bus hire for events will surely be in short supply. To arrange the safest, most convenient and most fun means of making your way to a springtime event in Perth this year, you’d better book quickly!