This is a celebration for the bride before she gets officially married. Make room for some great games to keep the party fun and entertaining. Whether you are the maid of honour or one of the bridesmaid, you will want to plan a memorable hens night for the bride.
From innocent to downright hilarious, there are plenty of games to suit your party style. Here are eight party games for a memorable hens night.

The Newlyweds Game

This game is fun to play and easy to set up.
The idea is to find out just how well the bride knows her husband to be. Before the hens night, ask the groom a number of questions. The bride then has to answer the same questions correctly. But for each one she gets wrong, she has to take a shot or perform a dare.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • How did you two meet?
  • What is his favourite movie?
  • How would you describe him in one word?
  • What is his favourite thing about the bride?
  • How would he prefer to spend a Sunday?
  • Who are all his closest friends?
  • What is his favourite meal?

These questions are a great start but feel free to make your own. Play this game over cocktails or spread the questions out throughout the night. For an added bonus, record the answers from the groom for proof.

Post-it Note Game

This is a game the bride will absolutely love and bring up sweet memories.

All you need is a pack of Post-it note (or slips of paper) and a pen. Each guest then writes a short sentence of a memory they have of the bride. Once finished, the bride reads each slip aloud and has to guess who wrote the note.

Hilarious stories of drunken nights at University and other random occasions spill forth. This is a very intimate game that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Pass the Parcel

You may have played this game as kid, but it is also a great game for adults with slight variations.

You will need one big prize along with smaller prizes, wrapping paper, a pen, and music. Wrap each parcel and attach a written task on the paper. Put all the parcels together then wrap them the whole thing together. Then wrap as many layers as there are players.

Designate a music keeper who will play the music and stop it at random intervals. The person holding the parcel unwraps a layer and must complete a task. The game continues until the last layer is finally unwrapped.

Make the game more fun and interesting with risque items and embarrassing tasks. This game is loads of fun and is perfect to set the night straight.