A bucks or hens party
they can’t tell their family about

As maid of honour or best man, you’ve got the most important job of all — to throw your bestie a hens or bucks party in Perth they won’t be able to tell their family about. Strap them into one of our vans and we’ll make sure the journey between each waypoint on their final crusade is completely unhinged.

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Perfect for hen hijinks and buck buffoonery

Don’t disappoint your best friend with a C-grade bucks or hens party in Perth. Blindfold them and throw them into one of our vans and we’ll haul them to some of the city’s wildest venues and attractions. Our Limovans blend style with functionality. They’re immaculately maintained both inside and out, and we’ll fire up the lasers and LEDs to take the party to the outer reaches of the cosmos. With a 12-speaker sound system on board, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the soon-to-be bride or groom will end up working the stripper pole like their mortgage repayments depend on it.

Book a spicy bucks or hens party in Perth


Book your party bus

You don’t want to be herding cats into an Uber on the night of your best friend’s bucks or hens party. Start the shenanigans the right way by securing one of our big black vans.


Choose your adventure

You can customise your adventure however you want, but we’ve got a few attack plans that’ll guarantee the soon-to-be bride or groom an unforgettable pre-wedding bash.

Phallic escapade

Teach the bride-to-be how to operate a pole at Bobbi’s Pole Dancing and then eye-bonk some hot dudes at Top Shelf Entertainment or another of Perth’s strip clubs.

Karaoke rampage

Get a few cocktails in the bride-to-be and then let her get on stage and totally not embarrass herself at Crown or Ferrara Karaoke or Dragon Palace.

Grape juice jamboree

Unleash your bestie on the Swan Valley and spend most of the day trying to stop her from climbing a tree or wading into one of the artificial duck ponds.

Cocktail campaign

Menace the unsuspecting bars and breweries peppered along the WA coast — from the Breaky in Hillarys to Little Creatures in Fremantle.

Jug-tastic fiesta

Watch your best mate thirst over the unusually friendly women dancing on poles at venues like Xotica, the Doll House, and the Voodoo Lounge.

Cut-throat clash

Forget women for a minute and bond with your best mate over some friendly, cut-throat competition. Burn rubber on a go-karting track, chop grass with a golf club, ride the gutter at a bowling alley, or nut-shot the groom-to-be with a paintball gun.

Brewery bonanza

Unleash your bestie on the Swan Valley and spend most of the day steering him away from the women enjoying their hens party two tables over.

Coastal conquest

Flood your best mate’s veins with adrenaline by signing him up for the jet boat and jet pack experiences available along the Perth coast. Then dry him off and level him out with a cheeky pint or 12 at a few of the bars between Hillarys and Freo.


Let the hijinks and buffoonery begin

Now that everything’s booked, you can take the blindfold from your best friend’s face and embark on the last great adventure of their single life.


Can I bring my own drinks on the bus?

Yes, our vans are licensed. You can drink your own alcohol while on board.

Can I bring my own food on the bus?

Yes, but please keep our Limovans tidy.

Can I choose the pickup location?

Absolutely. We can pick you up from anywhere in Perth.

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